A reflection on narrative therapy essay

I transferred schools before dropping out and then floated around for a while. Amid my grief, I puzzled over how removed Americans are from death and loss. I wanted to write and think and talk about them.

A reflection on narrative therapy essay

In her reflections on the narrative research approach, the author starts by placing narrative research within the framework of sociocultural theory, where the challenge for the researcher is to examine and understand how human actions are related to the social context in which they occur and how and where they occur through growth.

The author argues that the narrative as a unit of analysis provides the means for doing this. Throughout the article, the author refers to educational research and in the concluding section argues that the results of narrative research can be used as thought-provoking tools within the field of teacher education.

Reflections on the narrative research approach. International Journal of Qualitative Methodology, 5 4Article 5. Retrieved [date] from http: All of these are woven together into a seamless web, where they might strike one as being overwhelming in their complexity.

One way of structuring these experiences is to organize them into meaningful units. One such meaningful unit could be a story, a narrative.

For most people, storytelling is a natural way of recounting experience, a practical solution to a fundamental problem in life, creating reasonable order out of experience.

A reflection on narrative therapy essay

A reflection on narrative therapy essay only are we continually producing narratives to order and structure our life experiences, we are also constantly being bombarded with narratives from the social world we live in.

We create narrative descriptions about our experiences for ourselves and others, and we also develop narratives to make sense of the behavior of others Zellermayer, According to Polkinghornepeople without narratives do not exist.

Life itself might thus be considered a narrative inside which we find a number of other stories. Narrative research is thus the study of how human beings experience the world, and narrative researchers collect these stories and write narratives of experience Gudmundsdottir, Even if narrative inquiry is a relatively new branch within the qualitative or interpretive research tradition, much has already been written on the theme.

When reading about narratives and narrative research, one is left with the impression that the focus of attention becomes diffuse, spreading in many directions: Very often, the concept of narrative is used in connection with how to represent a qualitative research study.

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Thus, it is maintained that a case study, a biographical study, a phenomenological study or an ethnographic study may have a narrative form of representation Creswell, The narrative representation particularly appears to be connected to teacher biographies and autobiographies.

Within this tradition, it even seems as if the terms biography and narrative are used synonymously Goodson, Others have claimed that the narrative approach is not a method but, rather, a frame of reference in a research process, wherein narratives are seen as producers and transmitters of reality Heikkinen, My point of departure is that the narrative approach is a frame of reference, a way of reflecting during the entire inquiry process, a research method, and a mode for representing the research study.

In this article, I therefore intend to present some thoughts on narrative inquiry as being both the phenomenon and method.

In doing so, I will present three basic underpinnings incorporated in the narrative approach, then I will examine the narrative research process before finally addressing the question of whether the stories occurring within this field of research are true.

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The sociocultural foundation of narrative research For centuries, scholars have studied and puzzled over the development of human beings, leading, not surprisingly, to a number of theories.

We find models that emphasize the importance of the environment for the development of individuals, and, on the other hand, we find theories that focus on how development is propelled by an inner biological maturing of individuals.

Both approaches represent traditional epistemologies. Social constructivism introduces alternative theories on the development of human beings. Although there are different versions of social constructivism, what they have in common is the belief that individuals learn and develop through participation in social activities in the world.

Society—or the world, for that matter—has continuous influence on the individual or the mind, and vice versa. Human beings learn and develop in these mutual processes between the individual and society. In this way, the dualism between the individual and her or his social environment, or what is called the mind-world problem, is abolished Prawat, Sociocultural theory is one version of social constructivism that connects the entities mind and world.

How people become what they are thus depends on what they have experienced in the social contexts in which they have participated.Narrative therapy almost always includes an awareness of the impact of various aspects of the dominant culture on human life.

Therapists function and role Act as active facilitators. The concepts of care, interest, respectful curiosity, openness, empathy, contact and even fascination are .

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