An analysis of family support on a balance of socialemotional physical and spiritual health

The human person and the family: The dignity of the human person and the stability of the traditional family are under attack in the modern world. A variety of political and social ideologies have emerged which are antagonistic towards traditional Judeo-Christian values. Family values have lost much ground in recent decades to other, and in some cases competing values, such as materialism, individualism and consumerism.

An analysis of family support on a balance of socialemotional physical and spiritual health

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[3 – 5].

An analysis of family support on a balance of socialemotional physical and spiritual health

In contrast, informal health care providers include friends, family, and some volunteers. Another finding of this study was that parents needed to obtain the necessary information about physical, mental and spiritual changes in adolescence, as well as the social realities of this life stage, in order to maintain the health of their adolescent offspring.

Until , families were strictly patriarchal with a male head of the family, who supervised “all social activities, including education, health care, and welfare”, and insured the family’s self-sufficiency within its community (Aulette, ).

International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience

Family Support As an individual, each family member must strive for a balance of social, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It has been said that one does not pick his or her family but optimally, a family can be a resource for comfort with the loss of a loved one, stress from a job. Lesson Targets: Discuss the concept of holistic health Explain the different dimensions of holistic health (physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, social, moral-spiritual) Analyze the interplay among the health dimensions in developing holistic health.

Practice health habits to achieve holistic health. Starting life in a war-torn country and escaping to Australia as refugees set the stage for The Brothers - Miroslav & Marko to undergo a deep and long quest of personal transformations in dealing with social anxieties, family pressures, personal confidence, mental/emotional challenges, and a search for purpose and true spiritual connection in life.

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