An overview of the aum shinrinkyo

Last week, 58 people believed to be affiliated with the creepy cult were caught at a seedy hotel in Danilovgrad, Montenegro, where they were holding a conference, according to Montenegro press reports. Some were watching motivational videos of cult leader Asahara on a laptop, and others were practicing yoga in linen pajamas. It appears only a few were Japanese; most were from nations that once formed part of the Soviet Union, where a weird spin-off of the already very weird cult has taken shape over the years. But even if they had no direct contact with the Tokyo subway killers, local authorities had no reason to assume that admirers of the cult founder are benign.

An overview of the aum shinrinkyo

Ive thought long and hard about what it would be and I hope that you all enjoy my efforts and I look forward to your support and feedback! Cannot be accurately calculated Gender: Hellfire bolt, Hellseeker Missiles Secondary Weapons: The Hand of Enma is the forearm of a vast and powerful demonic entity that rules over an infernal dimension parallel to the Earth plane.

See a Problem?

The bulk of the demon is trapped in its own dimension but it has the ability to reach a portion of itself into our world. It is a thing of chaos, ruin and destruction. Its only goal is to somehow find a way to pull its entire being into the mortal world and lay waste to our demension and creating and expanding its own hellish realm.

For ages it was trapped there only able to toment the damned human souls who fell into its realm due to the laws of karmic retribution set in motion by the gods themselves at the dawn of time. But Enma is a greedy entity and always hungers for more. He reached out his mental influence to find those sensitives on the mortal plane who would become his prophets and serve as leaders of cults devoted to his worship.

In time however even this was not enough to placate the demon. He wanted the Earth realm itself and under his influence the doomsday cult Aum Shinrinkyo began its most ambitious assault on humanity. The plot to unleash a literal hell on Earth by opening a portal that would allow the demon god pass the entirety of his mystical might into our dimension.

Such things are not easily done however, there are safeguards in place to only allow beings of such vast power to move about our plane only by means of avatars.

Long decades of blanning and blasphamous rituals were required and indeed were completed. The high priest had just committed the final sacrifice to allow the portal to open when a UN sponsored militia found and assaulted the cultists lair.

It was only thanks to the heroic sacrifice of many soldiers that the rift between worlds was closed before Enma could do more than reach its left forearm into our realm. Not enough for the demon, but it is a start. With great effort it can reach its hand into the Earth plane to cause death and destruction at its whim fueling the negative energies that feed its power.

III. Background of the Cult - A Case Study on the Aum Shinrikyo

Enma will not be satisfied until it has conquered us all. The Hand as a demonic entity feeds on chaos and despair. It regains energy through destruction. In heavily populated areas such as cities it regains more energy as it causes destruction thanks to the horror and terror it causes to humanity at large.

When all the standing structures of any location have been leveled the demon cannot not cause cause chaos and only by inflicting damage to the opposing kaiju will it get a small of amount of energy returned to it.

When faced with opponent who keep their distance The Hand will spit balls of hellfire from its palm at a medium range. The hellfire explodes on contact and and will stick to the soul of its target for some additional damage over time.

An overview of the aum shinrinkyo

The spines along the forearm can be fired off like heat seeking missiles for long range attacks but only one at a time.

They will track the opponent unless dodged by a well timed leap, destroyed by an attack or blocked for reduced damge.

Spines fired from the arm wil not regenerate until after the battle is over. The spines have one other function, five may be fired off at one time to create a Hell Gate. This opens a small rift to the Infernal dimention allowing a swarms of small demons to come forth and hinder an enemy kaiju until they are destroyed.

While they are not strong this tactic could prove fatal if used with some cunning. Close quarter attacks are pretty straight forward. The clawed fingers stab and slash. The hand itself can hammer or slap a foe. The Hand has a chance to stun as it rears back to make a short charging attack in the form of a hammering fist.

The Hand can sweep in a degree arc in front of itself to knock enemies off their feet. Lastly, a portion of the atmosphere of hell escapes into our world where The Hand has pierced the dimension.Aum Shinrikyo, which is also known as Aum and Aleph, is a Japanese cult that combines tenets from Buddhism, Hinduism, and is obsessed with the apocalypse.

The group made headlines around the world in when members carried out a chemical attack on the Tokyo subway system. On the morning of March 20, , members of the Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth) doomsday cult carried out the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in the postwar era, releasing a toxic nerve gas.

Aum Shinri Kyo Summary: Aum Shinrikyo, an apocalyptic cult in Japan in the late '80s and '90s, is most remembered for the deadly sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway.

The cult Aum Shinrinkyo, infamous for issuing a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system in March, , was doing research on several potential biological warfare agents, including C burnetii, at the time it was dismantled. Shutting Out The Sun: How Japan Created Its Own Lost Generation, by Michael Zielenziger, is a fascinating look at contemporary societal problems in Japan.

The central metaphor of the book is the social problem known as “hikikomori.”/5. The Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth) was founded in by Shoko Asahara, a forty-year old legally blind former yoga teacher.

Asahara was born on March 2, as Chizuo Matsumoto in Yatsushiro, Japan. He was the fourth son of seven children - five boys and two girls.

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