Bullying persuasive speech with outline

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Bullying persuasive speech with outline

Objectives Learn about good public speaking, presentation and audience engagement practices. Reflect upon statistics and personal stories related to bullying.

Using a structured outline, prepare a presentation on bullying. Deliver to classmates a presentation on bullying, incorporating visuals and audience participation.

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Keywords Bullying, prevention, public speaking, speech, persuasive, informative, presentation Materials Needed If desired Computers with Internet access and printers If students do not have computer access For each student, a copy of one or more planning templates from Outlining a Speech If students do not have computer access For each student, a copy of one or more Personal Bullying Stories Infographic on school bullying and a method of displaying it for the class Student options for displaying visuals PowerPoint, LCD projector, whiteboard and markers, flipchart and markers, etc.

Introducing the topic of bullying in class can prompt student disclosures of having personally experienced, perpetrated or witnessed bullying. Teachers should ensure the following before students begin developing their presentations. Have a plan in place in case students express concerns about how the school currently handles bullying incidents.

Prepare to manage self-disclosure. Remind students that for the purpose of confidentiality, it is better not to refer to incidents that either they or other students have experienced. Let students know they can speak to you after class if they have specific concerns about themselves or someone else.

Know how to make student counseling referrals if needed. Ensure that your school has a clear method for reporting bullying incidents, as you will want to remind students of this procedure. Once you have discussed the issue of bullying reporting and disclosures, talk about best practices for public presentations when the goals are to inform and persuade an audience.

Spend some time going over each of the following six components of an effective public presentation: Explain the benefits of using a structured outline to ensure logical flow and good organization. See Outlining a Speech for resources more on this below. Gather compelling facts and statistics.

Statistics should be recent and from a reliable source. The numbers should provoke an emotional reaction. Infographics more on these below offer an efficient, reliable and easy-to-understand source of information for student presentations.

Incorporate a human element. Use stories, quotes and examples to bring the facts to life. Caution students against sharing their own stories or those of other students at the school. Limit Internet viewing to this page, or print these stories out ahead of time for students, since having kids surf the Web for sensitive topics can sometimes turn up inappropriate material.

Use good public speaking practices.

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Avoid verbal tics "um," "like," etc. If desired, review some examples of good public speaking practices in action. The election-night speech of Barack Obama is one example. Have students take notes as they listen to the speech, noting where and how Obama uses these good practices.

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Also, ask them to record their reactions to the information. This will help stimulate post-presentation discussion. Sometimes jump-starting discussion in this way helps others to join in.

Or, ask audience members to volunteer one thing in the presentation that was surprising or memorable.Speech Outline Topic: Stand up to bullying Specific Purpose: Encourage my peers to join the Stand Up To Bullying Movement Thesis statement: 38, suicide deaths were reported in the US in This latest rise places suicide as the 10th leading cause of death %(1).

Please help me develop an outline for a minute persuasive speech on bullying. Include enough information to help me develop ideas further and guide me through an introduction, transitions and a .

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11/5/14 PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Increase Harsher Punishment for Cyber Bullying General purpose: To persuade the audience Specific purpose: To persuade the audience to increase harsher punishments for those who cyber bully. Central Idea: Cyber bullying needs to end and those who create others to suffer from cyber bullying need severe punishment.

Mar 08,  · There are times when you are asked to deliver a persuasive speech within a short period of time. In such instances, you don’t want to go with topics that require a .

Bullying persuasive speech with outline

Persuasive Essay Bullying Sample. Bullying. Global Warming. Yes Please. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. Cyber Bullying Outline by Cliff Akiyama. Uploaded by. timtomtim5. example of a research paper. Uploaded by. Christian K. Bagongon. Essay Example on Bullying 5/5(3).

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