Business plan draft documents

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Business plan draft documents

This included a general rate increase of 2. Annual Business Plan adopted by Council Minor changes were made to the plan as a result of community feedback, including the provision of more detail and clarification for some of the capital works projects.

The Annual Business Plan Summaryto be sent out with the July rates notice, also includes emphasis on a number of projects which were raised and commented on during the consultation.

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As a result of the community feedback, some changes were made to the Open Space AMP which included updating content relating to playgrounds in terms of useful life and construction dates.

In relation to the CWMS AMP, and as detailed in the information provided during the consultation process, over the next 12 months Council will continue its investigations into the condition of the CWMS network, as well as look to engage with CWMS customer so the current and future needs of this system can be better understood, along with consideration of potential funding models.

And with Council and the community working closely together, this is achievable. The Draft Annual Business Plan outlined the key projects and services that will be provided by Council during the financial year. A snapshot of this plan was also available.

business plan draft documents

Information Sheets for each plan were also provided see Key Documents. You could have your say by using the survey forms below.Seeks views on a draft accessibility action plan which sets out proposals to improve the travel experience for people with disabilities. The public has until Monday, April 25 at 5 p.m.

to comment on the staff recommended changes presented to the Authority’s Board of Directors on the Draft Business Plan at their meeting on April 21 in San Jose.

The Board will review all comments received and adopt a final Business Plan on April.

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These documents include a Strategic Business Plan (SBP), Delivery Program, Operational Plan, Resourcing Strategy (Asset M anagement Strategy & Plan, Workforce Management Plan,and Long Term Financial Plan).

Executive Summary Severn Trent Water Draft Business Plan Part A – Company Strategy 7 KSI 1 – Providing a continuous supply of quality water Ensuring a reliable, safe water supply is . Here you will find a current collection of Seven Corners’ plan documents for our trip/cruise insurance, travel medical, student/study abroad, global insurance, visitor and immigrant medical programs.

Business Emergency Plan template for business continuity during a crisis. M: January 3, Resource Type: Document / Report Last Updated: May 1,

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