Business plan physical resources in barbados

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Business plan physical resources in barbados

Photos courtesy of Becky Lannon History Several studies have been made as to the origin of the breed, which has been widely accepted as African.

Although there can be little doubt that the Blackbelly has African ancestry, there is compelling historical evidence that the Barbados Blackbelly, as a breed, originated and evolved on the island of Barbados. Following the colonization of Barbados by the English inseveral fortuitous factors existed in combinations that may not have occurred in other European colonies in the Americas.

The introduction of tropically adapted hair sheep with the slave trade from west Africa. There is, of course, good reason to believe that African sheep were taken independently to other colonies in the Indies and Latin America.

In combination with other stock, various local types and breeds were founded, possibly including the wooled Criollo breeds. The concurrent introduction to Barbados of a poorly adapted, but prolific, wooled sheep of unknown origin.

The most likely country of origin may have been Holland or England, as each had active colonization and commerce in the region. This unknown parent breed may, more than any other factor, set the Barbados Blackbelly apart genetically from other breeds in the region.

An environment including heat, humidity, and parasites, to which wooled sheep were not well adapted. Of particular difficulty were the small burrs in the pastures that clung to and penetrated the fleece.

They may have afflicted the wooled sheep so as to have placed constant selective pressure against wooliness. This factor could have kept the evolving gene complex of the Blackbelly from being overwhelmed by that of wooled breeds imported from time to time to "improve'' the mutton characteristics of the Barbados sheep.

However, selection against wooliness would not have precluded introgression of other genes, such as those for prolificacy or polledness, into the Blackbelly.

business plan physical resources in barbados

During the first 25 years of colonization, Barbados established commerce throughout the West Indies with the New England colonies and with European countries, including Russia. Wooled sheep may have been imported from these trading partners and other colonizing countries of Europe.

Whatever the origin of their wooled ancestors the sheep of Barbados moved from their precarious beginnings to a place of importance in Barbados agriculture.

By''visitors were delighted by Barbados sheep, fat, sweet mutton, fed on sugar cane.

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In the case of the Barbados Blackbelly, Ligon established in that the parent stocks necessary for the evolution of a highly prolific, tropically adapted breed had been established in Barbados in the first quarter-century of colonization.

The prolific, wooled ancestor of the Barbados Blackbelly has not been identified. Evidence is presented that the Dutch had the specially fitted ocean craft, the trading opportunities, and possibly, the most likely breeds to have introduced the prolific, wooled ancestors of the Barbados Blackbelly.

Speculation that the Barbados Blackbelly might have been introduced ''ready-made'' from elsewhere is not consistent with available historical or genetic evidence. Barbados Blackbelly Introduction to U.

Four ewes and one ram of this breed were originally introduced into the U.Management theory and business philosophy are furthered by those studying the development of and interactions between business ethics, economic development, poverty, fraud, organizational dynamics, game theory, negotiation, and legal issues.

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