Did elton john write a song about alice cooper

What was your childhood like? I was actually one of those kids that had a happy childhood.

Did elton john write a song about alice cooper

Taupin's mother worked as a nanny, having previously lived in Switzerland. Taupin's year younger brother, Kit, was born there. At age 15, he left school and started work as a trainee in the print room of the local newspaper, The Lincolnshire Standard, with aspirations of becoming a journalist.

Taupin soon left that job, and spent the rest of his teenage years hanging out with friends, hitchhiking the country roads to attend youth club dances in the surrounding villages, playing snooker in the Aston Arms Pub [8] in Market Rasen and drinking.

Taupin had worked at several part-time, dead-end jobs when, at age 17, he answered the advertisement that eventually led to his collaboration with Elton John. Elton John answered the same advert. Neither Taupin nor John passed the audition for Liberty Records.

Elton told the man behind the desk that he could not write lyrics, so the man handed Elton a sealed envelope from the pile of people submitting lyrics, which he opened on the London Underground ride home.

The envelope contained poems by Taupin. The team took some time off from each other for a while between andwhile Taupin worked with other songwriters, including Alice Cooperand John worked with other lyricists, including Gary Osborne and Tom Robinson.

did elton john write a song about alice cooper

John and Taupin resumed writing together on at first an occasional basis inwith Taupin contributing lyrics to only three or four songs each on albums such as The Fox21 at 33 and Jump Up! However, by 's Too Low for Zerothe two renewed their partnership on a full-time basis and from that point forward Taupin was again John's primary lyricist.

John often works with other lyricists on specific theatrical or film projects such as 's The Lion King and 's Aidaboth of which featured lyrics by Tim Rice.

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I wanted to make it sound like a country singing it. The process is still fundamentally the same, with John composing to Taupin's words, but the two interact on songs far more today, with Taupin joining John in the studio as the songs are written and occasionally during recording sessions.

Taupin and John had their first Broadway musical open in March with Lestat: On 25 MarchTaupin made a surprise appearance at John's 60th birthday celebration at Madison Square Gardenbriefly discussing their year songwriting partnership. Taupin and John also composed several songs for The Uniona collaboration album between Elton and his longtime hero Leon Russell released in October They also collaborated on five original songs for the Miramax movie Gnomeo and Julietincluding the Golden Globe -nominated "Hello Hello".

The duo collaborated on their 31st studio album, " The Diving Board ," which was released in September Their next studio album, " Wonderful Crazy Night ," was released in February Inhe co-wrote the album From the Inside with Alice Cooper.

Taupin has also produced American Gothic for singer-songwriter David Ackles. Released init did not enjoy big sales, but the album was highly acclaimed by music critics in the US and UK. Taupin and Ackles had become acquainted when Ackles was selected to be the co-headlining act for Elton John's American debut at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

Taupin was mentioned specifically as being one of the reasons American Gothic was selected by the writers and editors for inclusion in the book, Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

did elton john write a song about alice cooper

He also collaborated on the book Burning Cold with photographer Gary Bernstein. The song was the title track of the first album from Taupin's band Farm Dogs see below.

The latter song, a duet between Nelson and Lee Ann Womackwas made into a video and released as the album's first single.

The song won the Grammy for best vocal collaboration in country music. Inhe co-wrote Courtney Love 's song "Uncool", from her debut solo album America's Sweetheart. The music of the song was composed by Argentine producer and songwriter Gustavo Santaolalla.

Works as a performer[ edit ].If this is indeed John’s swan song, he’s certainly going out on a high note. Last night’s expansive song set drew from his extensive catalog and included just about every major hit.

Cooper wrote this to lament the love of a girl he knew was bad for him, in fact she was poison. The 10 best Alice Cooper songs. By: Timothy Whitt Nov 23, Email Sent! Send another? Close. Follow us on Elton John .

According to Taupin, in writing this song, his main goal was to come up with something that “was sympathetic” to the soldiers who came back home from the Vietnam War.

Facts about “Daniel” “Daniel” was written by Elton John and his long-term songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. mentions 13 Cooper songs, and has been described as being "from the perspective of a kid who hears all of his unspoken sadness given voice in the music of Alice Cooper; Alice says everything the kid has been wishing he could Origin: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Raised to be a lady by the golden rule Alice was the spawn of a public school With a double barrel name in the back of her brain And a simple case of Momma-doesn't-love-me blues. Alice Cooper was known for: How did Elton John change the model of the singer-songwriter by the latter half of the s?

He employed a rock band to accompany him. "The Night They Drove Dixie Down" was a country rock song by: History of Rock & Roll (Exam 1) 76 terms. History of Rock & Roll (Exam 1) Features.

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