Drought hits shippers on great lakes

Exotic mussels have pilfered the Great Lakes' food supply, creating a vast aquatic desert. A whining outboard pushed the foot-long runabout carrying Sonya Santavy, a freshly graduated biologist, toward the middle of the lake that straddles the U. Clair looks like a mile-wide aneurysm in the river system east of Detroit that connects Lake Huron to Lake Erie, and that is essentially what it is. Water rushes quickly through Lake St.

Drought hits shippers on great lakes

Higher El Nino warming risk turns up heat on drought-hit Aussie areas Source: Recent patterns in the tropical Pacific Ocean and in the overlying atmosphere "indicate the early stages of an El Nino event could be underway," with any such event in spring typically meaning "below average rainfall across eastern and northern Australia and above-average temperatures in the southeast," the Bureau of Meteorology said in its latest alert issued Tuesday.

El Nino events are characterized by an unusual warming of the central to eastern equatorial Pacific, which can last up to one year, according to meteorologists. The remote "ripple effects" can be found in the atmosphere as well as ocean currents and ecosystems.

During an El Nino event, warmer waters gather in the eastern Pacific Ocean with cooler waters closer to Australia. This typically means less precipitation and rainfall over the Australian continent. However, if an El Nino were to occur, we're more likely to see drier and warmer than average conditions," said the bureau's manager of long-range forecasting Dr Andrew Watkins.

Australia has been hit by one of its most severe droughts in recent months, with authorities ramping up aid to help the major eastern agricultural states of New South Wales and Queensland deal with low crop production and livestock losses.Drought and Heat Extremes For some areas of the Central states, this year will finish high on the list of driest years on record.

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In portions of Nebraska, and Kansas, was the driest year. Apr 10,  · Thus, if Thames Water has not prepared for an alternative source of water supply before a severe drought hit, its inaction could cost the economy around £2 billion a week!

In that context, at even the inflated costs assumed by Thames Water, a water-transfer scheme using the Thames & Severn Canal would probably pay for itself within a very few.

Fertile soil, great for growing crops, is plentiful across the state. The Ozark Plateau, the largest part of Missouri, is covered in forested hills and known for its large lakes and clear rivers. In the Bootheel region, rich farmland supports crops ranging from cotton and rice to corn and soybeans.

And before the drought hit, the cattle.

Drought hits shippers on great lakes

Drought to Cause Dairy, Meat, Other Food Prices to Rise to part of the Mississippi Valley on Sunday and the Great Lakes region on Monday. hits port, lifting shipping containers off ground.

Trump Scraps Obama Policy on Protecting Oceans, Great Lakes

Temperatures could hit a record low today, and gusty winds in New York could ground the Macy's Parade balloons for the first time in decades.

ABC Nov Nov SYDNEY, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- The risk of El Nino global warming events hitting the southern hemisphere is now at 70 percent or three times the normal level, raising the heat on severe drought-affected areas in eastern Australia, according to national weather authorities.

Great Lakes drought has ripple effect on auto industry - CBS News