Essay in level 3 counselling

This article was originally submitted in to Australian Catholic University as part of a Masters Programme. The great seventeenth century poet and satirist Alexander Pope wrote in his famous poem, Essay on Man, the following words: Preceding the application of specific theories and models, what we have at the very heart of the counselling experience is the reality of at least one person whose life consists of a myriad of issues and who is endeavouring to bring a sense of meaning and understanding to those same issues.

Essay in level 3 counselling

Motivational Programme Objective The objective of this programme is to provide a positive and holistic approach in a caring and conducive environment for learning and support for "students who fail to learn what we expect them to learn". Boarding School Programme A supervised environment such as a boarding school for some students in need of a more conducive environment.

The students can be supervised for homework and additional activities can be planned for the students after school hours.


Academic Engagement The instructional approach is varied and appropriate to suit the needs and backgrounds of the students. Emphasis will be on instruction with Essay in level 3 counselling academic learning time, higher academic engagement in classrooms, improved literacy skills, as well as assessment for student learning and success.

Community Involvement Projects Both local and overseas CIP should be given stronger emphasis so that the students can show greater concern for less fortunate people around them and in the process become more aware of their own fortuitous circumstances.

Counselling and Guidance There will be opportunities for the students to attend talks and workshops on study skills, computer addiction and social and emotional resilience. The school counsellor will work closely with this group.

Essay in level 3 counselling

Discipline Hwa Chong Institution is committed to provide an effective learning environment for all students to succeed and excel. This is only possible if the behaviour of our students support and respects the rights of all students to learn and teachers to teach.

Hence, management of students' behaviour is crucial to providing a safe, orderly, productive and success-oriented learning environment at school. The Discipline Framework aims to: Instill in our students' the set of desired behavioral outcomes which are aligned to HCI's institutional values. Develop students' self-management skills.

Rehabilitate students who have violated school rules. To achieve the above objectives, the Disciplinary Framework will be guided by the principles of Positive Discipline and Restorative Justice. Positive Discipline focuses on actively teaching personal responsibility, pro-social behaviours and taking responsibilities for violation of school rules, while Restorative Justice directs attention to helping students learn alternative positive behaviours in place of unacceptable behaviours.

A 2-prong strategy would be implemented: Administering consequences through our Demerit Points System that are related to the offence and misbehaviour. Corporal punishments and other retributive measures would be taken as a careful consideration as they focus on the concepts of fear and retribution rather than rehabilitation.

Students of Hwa Chong Institution are responsible for conducting themselves appropriately through their words and deeds. Good Discipline for Effective Learning Our students are responsible for observing all school rules and for exercising self-control through self-discipline, courtesy and respect for each other, school personnel and property.

They believe in working together and caring for each other. Their behaviour will include appropriate conduct in school, at functions, and in public places. They demonstrate social and personal responsibilities and excellent work attitude.


When a student is to be disciplined or suspended, the school official shall notify the parents of the student concerned.

The Principal and Principal Consultant Student Care or other teachers so assigned are authorised to take disciplinary action in connection with the offences.

The decision of the School Authority is final. The School reserves the rights not to divulge the reason or reasons as the case may be.

The School Authority also reserves the right to determine what meets the requirements when there is a question of acceptability or appropriateness. Attendance To maintain and attain excellence performance in school, regular attendance is necessary.

Students must assemble at the school terraces by 7. Students who are not present at the flag- raising ceremony will be considered as late or absent. In case of inclement weather, students should be in school not later than 7.

Those not in classes by 7. Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and recite the pledge. Individuals reciting the pledge shall clench their right fists to the left side of their chests as a gesture to symbolise loyalty to the nation.The purpose of this essay is for the trainee Counsellor to critically reflect upon, and evaluate, a recorded counselling session which took place on Thursday 2nd April Within this essay, the trainee Counsellor will evaluate their use of advanced counselling .

This article was originally submitted in to Australian Catholic University as part of a Masters Programme. The great seventeenth century poet and satirist Alexander Pope wrote in his famous poem, Essay on Man, the following words: “Know then thyself, presume not God to scan; The proper study of mankind, is man.”.

A counselling session provides an opportunity for the client to explore their personal thoughts, feelings and emotions.

It also allows the counsellor to assess the difficulties and problems and to support the client through the necessary changes. It is designed as a pre- practitioner training for professional counselling qualifications but it could also lead to employment in a related field.

Entry requirements You must have undertaken counselling skills training, e.g. our Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills or equivalent units/qualifications of at least 75 Guided Learning Hours. Question: Write an essay demonstrating your knowledge of how Ethics and Human Rights underpin the role of the counsellor/psychotherapist in a therapeutic relationship.

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