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At the same time, the harsh policies of neighboring countries, combined with dysfunctional public organizations and inefficient bureaucratic procedures, have further hampered the trade and transit in the country. To overcome these challenges, Afghanistan has taken several significant measures. These include regulatory reform, infrastructural improvement, and the restructuring of public organizations. Hence, it is expected that these initiatives will solve the problems of transit and trade in the long run.

India business report bbc world news

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The iconic British carmaker, which is owned by India’s Tata Motors and employs more than 40, people in Britain, could not immediately be reached for comment when contacted by AFP. Marketing, management and administration roles are expected to be those most affected, the BBC report said. 13 days ago · The potential of sport for development in africa. Much of the success stories emanating from Africa have sport as their theme, from the emergence of individual icons like Didier Drogba to the socio-political impact of South Africa hosting and winning the Rugby World Cup. On slum tourism on BBC World Kate Stefanko interviewed about PeopleandPlaces ‘Market tourism responsibly’ The Hindu Times of India: Phase 2 of Responsible Tourism to home in on eco issues Responsible tourism founder visits district Dr Harold Goodwin visits Kudumbashree units The Hindu& Kerala News Ecotourism ‘myth’ slammed by experts.

Therefore we ask you to support us by becoming a member. To support us and to continue accessing LawInSport please register Why Africa urgently needs to commercialise its sports sector Published 29 November Authored by: Omuojine Across the world, sport has grown beyond mere physical activity or social spectacle and has developed into a major industry with significant contribution to national growth and employment.

The sports industry is said to be growing faster than the national economy in China 1 and the rate of sports employment has been growing at a faster pace than total employment in the European Union EU 2.

In Africa however — despite sport being a proven force which provides employment opportunities for economic development of individuals and a nation at large - the role of sports in economic development is yet to be fully realized.

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Even the occasional hosting of international competitions has not been met with the needed commercialization of the standard infrastructures, leaving under-utilized sporting infrastructures from Abuja 4 to Cape Town 5. This article examines the low level of commercialization of sport in Africa, with some comparison to the EU and America.

It also highlights how African governments can use law and policy to boost the commercialization of sport and thus draw from the attendant socio-economic benefits.

Specifically, the article looks at: The potential of sport for development in Africa The concept of commercialization of sport Law and policy as tools for commercialization Focus areas for Africa Non-interference with sports self regulation The potential of sport for development in africa Much of the success stories emanating from Africa have sport as their theme, from the emergence of individual icons like Didier Drogba to the socio-political impact of South Africa hosting and winning the Rugby World Cup.


India business report bbc world news though the commercial spotlight of sport is beaming on the likes of China, Gulf States and India, sport is actually much more deeply embedded in Africa, from rugby and cricket in South Africa, the distance running prowess of Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes, to football all over the continent and especially populous states in the west such as Nigeria; neither China nor India have produced anything like the global superstars that are Didier Drogba, Mohammed Salah, George Weah or Haile Gebrselassie.

Admittedly, it is hard to see how these African stars could shine without the international stage. Not only are the number of attractive sporting events and competitions taking place within the African continent are grossly insufficient, the successful African sportsmen and women often owe the development of their skills to foreign training.

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If adequate structures, institutions, policies and regulatory frameworks as exist in other parts of the globe are replicated in Africa, it is exciting to imagine how the sporting spotlight would focus on the continent, especially given such factors as the young demographics of the continent, the growing reach of social media, the similar time zone as Europe, which make Africa a hugely attractive market.

It is therefore worth considering how much of a socio-economic contribution sport can make to the development of Africa if used locally in a strategic and coordinated way 6. While there is no doubt that sports could play a critical role in attaining developmental goals, the policy vacuum, poor governance, inadequate investment all show that African governments are yet to fully appreciate this potential and are yet to integrate sport into their national development plans 7.

From a football club making profit from commercial partnerships, sale of match day tickets, players, and other sources of club revenue, to the kit and sporting goods manufacturers making profit from the sale of replica kits, down to the match day steward who earns income with his back to the game, it can be seen that the economic benefits of commercialization of sport reach beyond the athlete and the sports club only.

As with other forms of profit-making ventures, the need for deliberate efforts and calculated investments are necessary to exploit the potential for financial gain in sport.

For instance, the technological advancements in media and communications, and more recently, social media are being exploited so that the revenue generated from the numbers of sport viewers and followers often surpasses what is generated from the limited stadium capacity on match day.

It is pertinent to clarify that the concept of commercialization envisaged in this article focuses on professional sport and not amateur or developmental sport.

While high quality performance levels and entertainment value inherent in professional sport attract wide viewership and attention, commercialization of sport is not without economic-induced risks such as match-fixing and the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Focus is on professional sport, not amateur sport. Law and policy as tools for commercialization One thing that is clear from business industries over the years and across the globe is that government policies could either help businesses to grow or kill them, as exemplified in the commercialization of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria at the turn of the 21st century.

Similarly, the role of the government in England in the infrastructural development of modernized stadiums undoubtedly contributed to the commercialization and development of professional football in England as it is today.

There needs to be a response by African governments to the global developments in the sports industry and one thinks that the possibility of a Sports Industry Bill may not be beyond reason.

Acknowledging the socio-political impact of sport and the potential to harness it as a tool for overall development, the EU over the years developed specific legal competence in the area of sports, highlighted by the Lisbon Treaty ofwhich enabled the EU to develop specific policy and a legal framework focusing on sport.

Drawing an example from the Constitution of Nigeria, the starting point for a legal basis for the role of government in sport development can be deduced from the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy 11which include harnessing the resources of the nation to promote a dynamic economy and protecting the right of every citizen to engage in any economic activities outside the major sectors of the economy 12 and the promotion of a planned and balanced economic development 13 Focus areas for Africa Examples of sport-related legislation in Africa are the National Sport and Recreation Act in South Africa and the National Institute for Sports Act in Nigeria.

india business report bbc world news

An examination of these legislations shows that they are primarily aimed at implementing constitutional ideals such as human dignity, education, equality and freedom, using sport and recreation to address these issues.

In as much as amateur sport can validly be used to attain these objectives, there has been inadequate focus on the potential of professional sport to help government in the attainment of its more economic objectives.

It is suggested that focus should be given to the development of the sports industry — distinct from recreation and other non-commercial objectives. The following are examples of areas here government law, policy as well as funding should give attention to, in order to boost the development of the sports industry in Africa:OneWorld is a non-profit UK-based organisation which innovates new media, mobile and web technologies for social good, helping people across the world to .

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Nov 21,  · Since the world of sports betting changed in May, casinos, and bookmakers across the US are looking for throwing more standardization in the . The study noted that India may be the only country with a talent surplus and could become the world’s most powerful business center. The report goes on to say, “Global growth, demographic.

3 days ago · The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee in its annual report released in Kabul said the number of slain journalists was fewer than in when 20 deaths marked the deadliest year for media persons since the non-profit started tracking these incidents in , reports Efe news.

6 days ago · BBC News - PM GMT December 28, India's Startups Are Venturing Abroad To Gain Footholds In Countries Around The World Mail Online - PM GMT January 05, Benefit cheat who claimed he needed help to eat ran his own business and visited friends abroad.

Fortune Daily & Breaking Business News. "It’s a day-one expectation that when you buy a processor, it’s not going to leak your data," Lisa Su said Monday.

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