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Case Study Format Each case study will consist of four portions: History of the case Physical therapy evaluation Description of all of the physical therapy treatments. View the RB case studies. These case studies can be used to help you understand the industry and improve your skills and knowledge.

Rb case study cherryblossom


Both of these Australian artists greatly influenced my final studio piece that is shaped around the theme of personal identity. I admire each of these artists and their own unique styles of painting. Cherry Hood was born in in Sydney.

Hood is famous for her watercolour and pigment paintings of young adolescent boys and girls. She studied and attained a Master of visual art at the Sydney College of the arts in Whilst studying her thesis focused on representations of and attitudes towards the male body.

Hood is most famous for winning the Archibald prize in with her portrait of the young Australian pianist, Simon Tedeschi.

Rb case study cherryblossom

Hood has also been an Archibald competition finalist 4 times in, and Her first solo exhibition was in and there have been many since then. Hoods focus on the male face and body has been a long-standing interest and ever since her earlier days at Art school she has been intrigued by representations of the male body and masculine features.

The large majority of her repertoire consists of adolescent or younger boys faces painted with watercolour on paper or canvas.

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Her large scale, highly detailed portraits are almost haunting due to the realistic way she captures a face. Her focus on the eyes create an almost hypnotic, possessed edge to her paintings, a trademark which she has become world renowned for.

Her portraits are not so much a direct representation or likeness as her subject is generally an inspiration and the face in the painting, although similar, takes on a whole new identity. In terms of her subjects, Hood uses her sons, their friends or adolescent boys that she spots on the street.

She works from live sittings and photographs. The expressions on the faces she paints are a key part of her work, she specifically asks the boys not to smile saying, it s amazing the range of facial expressions you get. I never paint smiling children. A smile fixes a meaning it makes the painting look like a snap shot photograph, I want my work to be more complex than that, more demanding on the viewer.

This opinion is something I personally find very interesting and have included the idea in my final piece of work. I also believe that a face without a smile creates a more intriguing painting as it can be interpreted in many different ways and the eyes in particular seem to hold their own story.

This painting by cherry hood is titled butterfly kiss and she has used watercolour on canvas, which is the medium she normally paints with. The composition consists of a young boy in the centre of the foreground; his head and upper body fill most of the canvas.

His brown hair is neatly combed over to his right hand side. In the background, Hood has used a paler palette consisting of light grey blue washes and off white and cream coloured butterflies.

The colours in the background blend in to each other and pale drip marks run down the canvas. The boy s light blue eyes instantly capture the attention of the viewer and would definitely be classified as the focal point of this painting.

His darker brown hair and the dark green, blue and almost black tones of his jacket create a distinct contrast with the softer pale background, making the boy stand out as the main object of the composition.


The smooth wash of pale skin tone that Hood has created through the use of watercolour paint as well as the soft pink tones she has introduced to the cheeks clearly define the boys youth and innocence. This obvious mark of childhood is contrasted with the way she has captured his eyes with dark shadows encircling each glassy blue iris.

Hood s trademark technique of long drips of colour running down the painting is clearly evident in this work. The butterflies that are seemingly scattered through the pale blue background have long drips of their creamy golden colour running down onto the boys jacket.

There are also lines of grey blue that have run fromthe swirling, almost stormy looking sky that is painted across the top of the canvas. These drips are noticeable across the whole canvas except the boys face, another technique hood has used to make it stand out even more.

Principles and elements of design such as line, contrast and repetition are all evident and contribute to the overall composition.

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The straight lines running vertically down the canvas created from the drip marks act almost as a grid or structure in the painting and create what could be interpreted as a sense of conformity, that the boy is trapped in the gridlock of society.Intelligence Assessment and Policymaking - A Case Study from the Kennedy Administration, Raymond L.

Garthoff A Survival Guide to Getting Started Investing in Numismatic Coins and Bullion, Michael Hoiden. Rb Case Study Cherryblossom. Topics: Shoe polish, The journey of Cherry Blossom (Cherry) as a brand had begun a hundred years ago and had seen many ups and downs.

For a long time till mid 's, it was the dominant category leader, with virtually . Our mission is to ensure people have healthier lives and happier homes. We find effective and convenient solutions that make a difference to people all over the world.

CASE STUDY FORMAT Case writing and analysis provide an individual an opportunity for a vicarious living and learning experience that is relevant and productive.

View the RB case studies. These case studies can be used to help you understand the industry and improve your skills and knowledge.

Case Study Format. Amongst its many well‐known brands are Dettol, Mortein, Harpic, Cherry Blossom, Lizol, Disprin, Robin powder, Colin, etc. case is prepared by Prof. Vinod Kalia of Management Development Institute, Gurgaon for the Dettol case study contest organized by Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd.

in association with MDI‐Marquity. Rb Case Study /5(11). USC Roski Eye Institute. San Pablo St., 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA USC Roski Eye Institute University Park Campus (UPC).

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