Starhub business plans

GST for subscribing to any of the data plans. The subscription charges will be billed on a monthly basis and charged to the customers' StarHub Mobile bills. StarHub Mobile postpaid customers can change their data plan subscription if their accounts are not suspended, blacklisted or with outstanding balances.

Starhub business plans

Mon, Jun 26, - 5: According to market sources, the telco may also be in the process of acquiring the remaining 49 per cent of the cybersecurity company.

StarHub's CEO, Tan Tong Hai, notes that Accel's core strengths will enhance the telco's capability, allowing it to provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. These would range from consultancy and vulnerability assessment to system integration and delivery, as well as managed cybersecurity services.

Accel's three main focus areas are information protection, advanced security management and compliance and advanced threat mitigation and response. It is expected to complement StarHub's own security solutions which range from network to endpoint and Web security solutions.

Belt up for the ride! StarHub has been steadily growing its enterprise business "because it understands its traditional mobile business is becoming increasingly commoditised while the TV business is under assault from various OTT over the top players like Netflix", the StarHub CEO adds.

StarHub's first quarter results show that the mobile business contributes 50 per cent of total revenue, the enterprise fixed business While growth in other lines of business have been either flat or negative, enterprise fixed has been growing at a steady clip - in the first quarter it grew by 6.

Enterprise journey Mr Tan notes that ever since he joined the company his endeavour has been to start StarHub on its enterprise journey.

When I joined, enterprise fixed was not even close to the TV business which was then around 19 per cent," he adds. StarHub is looking to cash in on the vast amount of analytics data that it generates from its mobile subscribers to offer services to its enterprise customers.

He takes the example of footfall analytics which provides a rich trove of information.

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We do the managed WiFi there and we add analytics to the service. However, this analytics is within the airport. The more important analytics is what happens when people go out of the airport?

We have the combination of geo-location services along with very thorough in-building WiFi analytics. From this we are able to understand the flow of traffic. Giving an example he says, Raffles Hospital would like to know which hospital has a bigger share of medical tourists.

We can see the flow of people to respective hospitals and can identify which hospital has a bigger share, he adds.

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Another market is mall operators. The tenants may complain about footfalls to the mall but using our data the landlord can convince them that the mall has the most footfalls among competing malls and also provide details about how long people stay in the mall. Talking about cybersecurity, Mr Tan says that StarHub's security offering is very telco-centric, non-intrusive and "acts as a second pair of eyes" to help enterprise customers.

If they give us consent we listen to the data packets that are coming and going within the network. From our own analytics we know which are the malicious sites globally. If data flows from these sites to an enterprise network we figure out that they may have a problem.

This is the kind of analytics we are talking about. This is more important to look at from the national level because a lot of the customers do not know that their lines have been hacked.

It will next offer this service for mobile and further down the road for IoT Internet of Things devices. He adds that telcos are best positioned to provide security because they "are at the heart of the eco-system".

Today it may be dual play comprising mobile and broadband. By triple play Mr Tan is referring to the ability to provide mobile, broadband both fibre and cable and TV services in one package.

starhub business plans

He notes that all these years StarHub has been competing with M1 "which is a dual service provider and a very formidable one". M1 provides mobile and broadband services. The StarHub CEO adds that his company has the ability to mix and match to compete or to differentiate.Based on this 2 speed tests comparison, it seems that Starhub’s internet speed is closer to what they claims their internet speed is (based on the plan that you purchased).

As for ViewQuest, I can only get about 33% of the claimed speed. with StarHub’s fibre broadband plans offering speeds of up to 1 Gbps at your fingertips.


Read more about Broadband page 42 FIXED NETWORK In the hospitality sector, we serve about 90% of the businesses StarHub Lt Annual Report 10 There’s no way to know for sure, but you either believe that M1’s new SIM only plans are so much more competitive than Singtel’s or Starhub’s (I doubt it the plans are virtually identical), or you believe that M1 is doing okay because is grabbing the market share that M1, Starhub and Singtel are losing.

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