Tattoos and the christians

This is especially sad, because most people have little to no knowledge on the history of tattoos, among Christian people, but are relying on only a couple references and their own emotions.

Tattoos and the christians

From teenagers to housewives, they are appearing everywhere, even among Christians. So then, is it okay for Christians to get tattoos? To answer this, we need to see what the Bible says about it, if anything.

What does the Bible say about tattoos?

First of all, making marks on the skin is mentioned in several verses. The first is in Leviticus, and the rest are in the book of Revelation and deal with the Mark of the Beast.

I am the Lord. Any Christian would have no problem denouncing the Mark of the Beast and saying it is sinful. Whether or not it is a physical mark has been debated, but it goes without saying that we are not to receive that mark. It is the Leviticus passage that we must now examine.

To do that, we need to quote its context. But does this mean that tattooing is in itself a bad thing to do because unbelievers did it? We have to be careful not to make a logical error known as the genetic fallacy.

This error says that something is false because of its origin. For example, it would be a fallacy that because the Nazi regime developed the Volkswagen Beetle, that the VW Beetle is a bad car.

Likewise, just because unbelievers get tattoos does not mean Christians should not. The Leviticus context also tells the Israelites to not round off the hair on the side of their heads nor shave the edges of their beards. But, why such detail about hair? Perhaps Moses was concerned about the superstitious beliefs of the Egyptians to which shaving the head and beard had a religious significance.

But, since cutting hair and shaving beards is not sinful in itself, how could we conclude that tattooing is also automatically sinful? No, we are not. It means that we are not required to keep Old Testament Law in order to get or maintain our salvation.

This is because we have died to the law and because of that, all things are lawful to us. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything. Also, what would they do with the Scriptures that say we have died to the law and that all things are lawful?

Would they require legalism? First, we must retain the truth that we are not to violate any moral law of God. It is always wrong to lie, cheat, and to steal. Such commands are clearly reiterated in the New Testament and are based on the character of God.

Tattoos and the christians

So, the Old Testament laws dealing with morality are definitely to be upheld. Second, we see no New Testament commands that tell us to keep the sacrificial system, forbid work on the Sabbath, forbid the shaving of beards, or forbid tattoos, etc.

Since we have died to the law and all things are lawful excluding, of course, sinthen the Christian is not under obligation to keep the Old Testament command not to get tattooed.Christians and tattoos: it's a controversial topic. Many believers wonder if getting a tattoo is a sin.

I understand that some Christians don’t want tattoos and do not feel that they should get tattoos. I’m all for that. In fact, I honor that decision. HOWEVER to make a case that tattoos are a sin is completely unbiblical.

I hope and pray that this teaching set you free in some ways, just like my sweet dear friend that I mentioned in the. Jan 10,  · Christians getting tattoos. Thread starter Deneshag; Start date Jan 9, ; Christian Chat is a moderated online Christian community allowing Christians around the world to fellowship with each other in real time chat via webcam, voice, and text, with the Christian Chat app.

Feb 10,  · Re: Tattoos and Christians The first of my tattoos was inked onto me around 31 years ago and now I regret getting any of them at all.

I have to live with them now because getting them removed would cost a small fortune, which I simply cannot . Christian tattoos are exceptionally prominent now-a-days. Large portions of the Christians consider tattoos as their particular and interesting method for keeping .

The Chi Rho is one of the oldest symbols used by Christians to the crucifix. It is formed by superimposing the first two letters of the word “Christ (Christ)” in Greek, chi = ch and rho = r.

There is a move in the 21 st century to divert Christians and young people in general from the demonic roots of tattoos to a practice that is ‘cool’ and that nothing is wrong with wearing tattoos, it is just fashion. This is a deception by the enemy to destroy the lives of every unsuspected Christian and non-Christian. Tattoos are a widely debated topic among Christian culture. Regardless of your theological viewpoint, I think this topic is something we all need to come together and discuss in a loving manner. Christian Religious Tattoos. In the 4th century AD, Saint Basil the Great, one of the most distinguished doctors of the Church, admonished the faithful: "No man shall let his hair grow long or tattoo himself as do the heathen, those apostles of Satan who make themselves despicable by indulging in lewd and lascivious thoughts.

Although not technically a cross, the Chi Rho invokes the crucifixion of Jesus as .

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