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And sometimes it is not even a very good art. Dever, one of the most highly respected voices in his field, is not referring to the manner in which archaeological remains are retrieved, but rather to the manner in which one interprets the significance of those remains.

When it comes to interpretation of remains from the time and place of the Bible, the radical "differences" in interpretive style seem more like the art of war than the art of culture.

For example, here are the infamous words that launched the most recent battle concerning archaeology and the Bible: The Israelites were never in Egypt, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel.

Revisionists, like Herzog and Prof. Israel Finkelstein have attempted to speak in a bombastic fashion on behalf of the entire school of biblical archaeology. They are so convinced of their position that they ignore any other approach that does not concur with their own.

Revisionists stubbornly dismiss as fictitious most historical aspects of the Bible. To them, the patriarchal period Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is all imagination, the story of Joseph and the sojourn in Egypt is fabricated, as are the Exodus and the desert wanderings.

The conquest, settlement and united monarchy Saul, David and Solomon are mere "propaganda" to quote Philip Davies. Marit Skjeggestad, a Scandinavian revisionist, said that on biblical history, "the archaeological record is silent. Patriarchal Period One of the assumptions of Bible criticism is that the Bible was written much later than the time period it occurred.

Specifically, the claim is that the Bible was written at least 1, years after the Exodus. As a result, the alleged biblical writers, who could not possibly know the minutiae of cultural norms of 1, years before, would by default include many details that were anachronistic.

This would be like watching a movie about life in the s where the actors wore digital watches because the writers did not do their research properly. All this changed with the turn of a shovel. One of the main indications of an anachronism in the Bible was thought to be that of the camel.

The Book of Genesis reports that camels were mainstay beasts of burden and transportation already at the time of Abraham, in the 18th century BCE. Yet it was originally thought that camels were first domesticated in the Middle East no earlier than the 12th century BCE.

This anachronism was a clear indication of the later writing of the Bible. Or so it was thought. Recent archaeological finds have clearly demonstrated that the camel was domesticated by the 18th century BCE.

What was previously thought to be a knockout punch against the Bible, is now evidence supporting it. Kenneth Kitchen, an Egyptologist at the University of Liverpool retired points out that the sale of Joseph to a caravan of Midianites for 20 silver pieces could have been an example of anachronism in the Bible, since 1, years later the price for a slave was much higher ancient inflation.

The illustration of the casual wrong the will to recover the growth of love and death in tess of the

Sojourn in Egypt What about evidence of Jewish slavery? Egyptologist Sir Alan Gardiner said of Egyptian archaeology: What is proudly advertised as Egyptian history is merely a collection of rags and tatters. Known as the Brooklyn Papyrus because it is in the Brooklyn Museumthis document portrays Israelite names from the Bible as the names of domestic slaves: Asher, Yissachar, and Shifra.

The document also includes the term "hapiru" which many scholars agree has clear historical affinity to the biblical term "ivrim," meaning "Hebrews.©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF.

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