The rise of the fad of kale

The appointing authority President Museveni and Parliament had renewed his contract. Then it all fell apart. To understand how a much decorated General ends up in the dock fighting for his freedom, we need to understand where General Kale Kayihura came from. The reversal of fortunes is stunning.

The rise of the fad of kale

The Epic Rise of Kale That it was a novelty and bound to be replaced by newer sexier greens like beet greens, chard and turnip greens, not to mention veggie noodles and cauliflower crumbles.

I decided to take a look at Google Trends and see if kale was still king or the new court jester. Like any trending product, it will either find a baseline of normal or gradually fade back into obscurity having made a blip as a fad, but never having experienced a breakthrough moment.

But how did all happen and how did kale rise in popularity so rapidly. And finally, bykale was showing up in pop culture highlights with shout outs on popular sitcoms like Modern Family.

The rise of the fad of kale

It was this kind of good PR that helped kale ride the media wave past fad to mainstream and not only make a place for itself but raise the bar for other leafy greens to receive their share of attention including collars, turnip greens, beet greens and mustard greens.

In fact, during the past 20 years collard greens have grown in consumption usage form.

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Today we see kale finding a home on restaurant menus from fast-casual to white table cloth and even continuing to have popular appeal to home cooks. But like any good product or trend, it too evolves with current trends. As we dug into trend correlations associated with kale we realized the popularity of the kale chip is in decline, but the emergence of new ideas associated with kale bowls, kale lasagna, kale Caesar salads, gluten free, paleo and even pure barre are taking hold in their association with kale.

What these trends and correlations tell us is that kale is still considered a health food that appeals to a certain type of consumer and those consumers are adapting kale not just to menus, but their lifestyles.

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For example, it might seem odd to wonder why a fitness movement like pure barre is associated with kale, but it makes perfect sense when you consider healthy living and food recommendations that include focusing on more fruits and vegetables including kale and featured recipes for meal bowls.

It may no longer be a sexy buzzword making headlines but the good news is consumers are interested in new kale products that actually have the potential for longevity and sales growth for the leafy greens category. Written by Melinda Goodman.I guess if fad diets each get their 15 minutes of fame, I’m glad the same thing is happening for vegetables.

Kale was the superstar for a while, then zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice seemed to be taking over the world, and now it’s time for the humble Brussels sprout to step into the spotlight.

The Rise and Fall of General Kale Kayihura June 14, BABRAH GUMOSHABE Until a year ago, Kayihura’s tenure at the top of the Uganda Police Force seemed unassailable. Consumption of the leaf continued to rise — data from MyFitnessPal users in showed a % increase in kale consumption over the course of three years.

Each successive New Year’s Day saw skyrocketing sales to match ambitious new fad diets. Brian Peixoto, sales manager Lakeside Organic Gardens, Watsonville, credited the juicing fad for much of the spike in kale demand. "We can sell as much kale as we can possibly harvest," he said. With a rise in health awareness, an increased popularity in farm-to-table restaurants and the rise of the internet and high-profile food bloggers and celebrities, Kale became the most “sought after green” to substitute for healthy living.

How Normal Are Your Opinions On Food Fads? Expert's have predicted the following food trends, but not everything can be kale.

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