The vader project

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The vader project

The Lord Vader Project: The Agile Force Awakens Pivotal moment 3 on our journey to Agile Marketing By Cameron Van Orman December 21, In my last three blogs, I described our two-year journey to Agile Marketing and two of the three pivotal moments that convinced me to keep going and scaling.

The most recent, Beware of agile theatertaught me what real agile was and how it could benefit the business. The Lord Vader project In Augustthe request was made to be more confident in our messaging, to create more digitally discoverable comparative content, and to execute fact-based competitive campaigns for some of our products.

In November after the campaign elements were delivered and in market, we assembled representatives from each of the seven teams for a retrospective aka retro to see how they worked, what they experienced, and how could we improve.

The vader project

One team was from the agile delivery group I previously described. The other six were not, but rather were individuals brought together from different marketing functions required to collaborate on this campaign. Feelings may seem a strange request in a business review but we asked them to use smiley faces — or not — to express how they were feeling at each point in time.

Not surprisingly, they had poor results from this project that required significant cooperation: Ownership and accountability was unclear and they reported a lot of waiting around.

They took ages to get started as they waited for someone else to kick-it off. Darth Vader; the competitive foil for the campaign.

They each juggled this priority against the other departmental objectives they had; with differing degrees of importance. When a dependent task or content was completed and thrown over the fence, the recipients were surprised. They then had to wrap-up the other time-filling task they had started before they could get to their next step in this project.

The Empire was winning. In contrast, the agile delivery team had the advantage of already being a real team. Took common ownership and accountability for the outcome. Collectively prioritized the campaign against their other work. Mapped out the dependencies they had on the different elements and on each other.

Synchronized the work across the team and across their 2-week sprints so each person knew who was doing what and when. Stayed aligned via the agile ceremonies; the stand-ups per week and bi-weekly sprint planning.

Received stakeholder input from sales and BU management as part of their normal ceremonies. Their team members reported no frowny faces despite the project being a lot of work.

There is no try — Yoda Despite starting with the least amount of available competitive research and the least number of comparative assets required for completion, the agile delivery group finished first….

They were easily twice as fast getting their campaign into market, considering their disadvantaged starting position. As a true cross-functional and agile team, they knew how to make things happen and started immediately prioritizing the work for this project with their other, current work no one sits idle waiting for a Lord Vader project to happen.

While they started behind the other groups in terms of assets, they scheduled analyst meetings right away, commissioned 3rd party research and got the competitive information they needed.

Shared ownership, accountability and empowerment enabled them to make the decision to pivot — twice — based on stakeholder input…. Always pass on what you have learned — Yoda Without a doubt, I saw that agile made a difference in engagement, velocity and quality.

It was time for us to further scale it up. I rang up our CMO, shared what we had learned and we decided to scale our adoption of agile marketing to 7 additional cross-functional campaign teams.

May the agile force be with you.The sad passing of Leon White has us reflecting on the greatest big men in the history of pro wrestling. TomTom created the easy-to-use navigation device, one of the most influential inventions of all time. Since then, we have grown from a start-up, into a globa.

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The vader project

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Aug 10,  · Provided to YouTube by Label Worx Ltd Vader (Project X) · Voyage Viomehanika · Orx The Beep Core-X-Next: From Orx Directors Cut ℗ Xective Zioe Production Rel. The Vader Project vader project star wars masque 02 design art Find this Pin and more on The Vader Project by Cannibal Fez.

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